6 biggest logo design trends in 2017

Logo is your brand’s face, hairdo, outfit etc. Mostly you buy everything up to your taste which is, more importantly, always in trend. As you probably won’t go out wearing something old and shabby, you cannot let your logo look old fashioned and unpleasant. Before designing a logo, you face the problem of how to create it properly to make it appealing and beautiful. In this case, the best thing that will help you is following the most stunning logo trends existing. Therefore, we suggest you taking a look at 6 biggest logo trends in 2017 being sure that one of these trends will help you create a fascinating logo.

Broken letters

Using broken letters for your logo design can save a lot of your time and efforts. Firstly, because you don’t need to use any additional pictures or tag-lines in order to represent your company. All these three vital ingredients of a logo design are already combined in one issue which is called “broken letters”. Secondly, the logo will look engaging and entertaining due to its visualization: broken letters convey a unique impression of movement and development. Even without using any animation, you present your company as the one that is constantly progressing.


Hand drawn

Remember drawing some doodles at school or while talking to someone over the phone? It turns out, those could be your future logo’s first sketches. Hand drawn logos have gained their popularity because they look light and breezy. If you think you shouldn’t think much about designing such logos, you can’t be more wrong. Designing logos that look so easy demands titanical efforts. Any odd line can spoil the general impression which leads you to redoing the logo again and again. However, the final result will bring you lots of satisfaction and pride: you can hardly find a logo that will look so brilliant and petite as a hand drawn one.


If you think that minimalism is about making things smaller or shrink them, you’re mistaking. Real minimalism is about choosing essential things and accomplishing them the way your imagination allows you to. Logos in a minimalistic style are considered to carry the most exquisite essence inside. They are even more stunning if you take into account the fact they take so little space. Take a logo for Hunt’s Home Improvement LLC, for example. This logo was designed by crowdsource logo design platform Designcontest.com (a marketplace created for designers that enables them to compete for the projects by presenting their best ideas to potential clients), which can explain the fact that the company got so many suggestions on how the logo should look like. The most amazing thing is that, even if the client didn’t specify that, almost all the suggested logos were coined in a minimalistic style. Logo designers from all over the world decided (each separately) to create a minimalistic logo, which proves the enormous popularity of this style.



Using any patterns you want, you can design a logo that will allure and charm your clients. Such logos are always memorable for they appeal to your clients’ imagination. What’s more, if you use the combination of colors pleasant on the eye, you can be sure you won a jackpot: beautiful patterns in different colors always stand out of the crowd and are easier to get noticed.

Bright colors

Bright neon colors are could be a marvellous choice if you decided to lure your clientele. Such colors look gorgeous combined with every other logo trend popular in 2017. Bold colors are difficult to use because the colors you use on the logo mostly have to be implemented in the general color scheme of your company, including its office decorations and stationery. However, if you manage to use these colors properly, they will sink into your clients’ minds and will be associated with the services you provide.



If the shape should reflect the essence, geometry does it better than every other logo trend possible. It has unlimited possibilities, which is why you can create everything you want just using simple and clear lines. They say that Maths is the most beautiful science because it works according to the laws of preciseness. If that’s true, than geometrical logos can considered to be the most beautiful ones as well, for they contain this mathematical  preciseness.

1. Underlook from Andrius Burba

2. Musical logos