Design mistakes

Logo design is one of the most important parts of branding, but sometimes designers make awful mistakes in their creation and the result is hideous.


Some popular enough companies and events were showed by such logotypes, which didn’t perform the communicative function, had a lack of elementary aesthetics and looked really funny. The impression they made was not positive as it was expected, it was rather the opposite.

In 2012 Olympic Games were held in London and a lot of money were spent on the creation of it’s logo. But unfortunately the result was an example of bad taste and the ceremony of opening the Games was the same.

Deutsche Telecom, the founder of T-Mobile decided that their logo is so perfect, that they can patent it’s color. They are sure that they are the owners of color Magenta (RAL 4010) and can sue anyone, who will use this color without their permission. The fun is that London Olympics used exactly this color, but there is no information about the litigation between these two companies.

Famous brand GAP made a huge mistake when redesigned it’s logo, but thanks God company understood everything and brought it back. Previous logo was a symbol of convenience and fashion, but after rebranding it associated only with Sans-serif font and blue square, made with Power Point.

Creating the logotype designer has to understand that he has a great responsibility on his shoulders and exactly his work is that, what customers will see firstly. So logo has to be simple, interesting and show main idea of the company in one small picture.