General principles of creation a maint page

Main page is the first thing customers look at, so it has to be the best and contain general information about the product.

The main page is a digital business card of your site, which has to be attractive and make the visitors not to leave the site. So to make it perfect, creators have to know the main rules and principles of it’s making.


The structure of the main page has to be as simple as it’s possible and cannot contain anything superfluous. Do not overload users with lots of pictures and information, because the content of the site has to be laconic and restrained.

The main point is to choose structure, which would be clear and easy in usage. The most important information should be posted in the top, because it’s that, what a customer puts sight on first.


The next point is to publish images, but creator has to understand that too much pictures would foul the site. One good photo can replace hundreds small ones and catch the attention of a potential client.

Colors and fonts are also important, because wrong chosen ones can destroy general result. It’s better to take 3-4 main colors and design everything with them, adding simple font.


And the last thing, that has to be noticed is text, the matter is that too much such content can make all the information boring and customer would just leave the site. Simplicity and laconic are exactly that features, which any resource has to have.



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