How to create a professional site?

Being owner of a small company doesn’t mean that site of it’s company also has to be modest. Even if success is only a dream, site can be made on a high level and be an example for others.


Dreaming about having such sites as Nike or Apple, it’s necessary to understand that there are some rules, which must be adhered.

  • Follow trends in the sphere of web design.


Big corporations always work on their design, trying to modify is as much as it’s possible. Tremendous team of designers tries to do it’s best to make customers be interested in product they propose. It’s quite expensive, but there is a variety of free services in the Internet, which can help with creation. To find inspiration it’s better to search the Internet, looking at works of others professional designers.


  • Engage in branding.

You should understand that all global corporation have their own style and clear-cut positioning. Direct fonts and colors are used, as on logo of Coca-Cola, which can be recognized by anyone and everywhere.

It has no matter popular your company is or not, it’s necessary to think through the form style. Cute logo, remarkable slogan and form font can make site unforgettable, but also important is to use the same style in all social networks.


  • Site has to be understandable for everyone, so creators must not overload it with the information. It scares the customers and they try to leave the site as fast as it’s possible.


  • Talking about colors, it’s better to choose three main, maximum four ones and leave some free space.
  • Site has to have comfortable navigation, and the main product has to be showed on the front page.
  • Don’t forget to make mobile version of site, because each of us has a smartphone and searching in the Internet has to be comfortable for all gadgets.


If creation of site by your own looks too difficult, there is always a variant on asking professionals for help. 




1. Underlook from Andrius Burba

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