How to work with fonts?

Fonts are as important in branding, as right choice of colors and texts, but, unfortunately, most feck forgets about it.


Exactly font help with the creation of atmosphere on the site, so they have to be chosen very carefully. For example, designing apps it’s better to use laconic, futuristic fonts, on the other hand, selling books it’s better to take vintage and old-fashioned ones.


Designer has to understand, that his work is oriented on exact audience, youngsters like one stuff, older people another and it must be kept in mind. Professionally written text can be useless if font would be illegible, so it should be checked that text is reading easily. Letters has to be contrast and did not merge with the background.

It is desirable to use not more that three fonts on the site, not making it stodgy. It doesn’t mean that designer has to choose one font and work only with it, but it would be awesome to find ones, that are perfectly combined.


If computer shows your site well, it does not mean that the mobile version will be all the same, so to be sure it’s better to test it on different devices. More and more people are using the Internet from tablets and smartphones, that means that your site should look equally good on a screen with any size.


1. Underlook from Andrius Burba

2. Musical logos