Trends in web design 2014 - why are they still popular now?

Do you remember web design trends that existed back in 2014? Let’s remember those that were highly popular back then and still rock!

Large photo backgrounds that immediately rivet your attention became highly popular in 2014. They are pretty effective because emphasize on things that have to be highlighted without any feeling of additional pressure. They also correspond with a witty proverb that clothes make the man. Indeed, this trend with a correctly chosen background leaves a pleasant aftertaste and can be easily remembered. Thus, it is still used and will be used in the future for sure.

Another principle of less text and more video depicts a growing popularity of YouTube in 2014. Video is believed to mesmerize its viewers and attract their attention. It’s interesting with a shade of novelty. Nevertheless, one has to be really careful using this type of web design: your users can like your creativity but they can hate the music you chose or some of special effects. The trend that is similar is video background which was also widely used 3 years ago.

Interactive infographics are something we got used to seeing nowadays but it first appeared in 2014 and never disappeared from the scene. It’s fun and it keeps your users busy making them want to get back to your site again and again. Clever and simple, it hypnotizes people, achieving its main goal: to be remembered.

1. Underlook from Andrius Burba

2. Musical logos