Underlook from Andrius Burba

A few years ago the job of photographer was on the top of popularity. Nowadays it’s also quite widespread, but it becomes more and more difficult to found idea, that was never presented before.


Some photographers find ideas, that were already created, but haven’t reached the success and remake them in right way. Pictures of animals were always popular, but a photographer from Lithuania, Andrius Burba, made it brand new.


This young man published a few underlook books with photos of horses, rabbits, cats and dogs. Animals are his passion, that’s why he wanted to show the audience their beauty. Andrius fall in love with results of his creations and now is full of new ideas for future photos. So the only thing for us to do, it’s to wait for new underlooks and look through those, which are already done. It’s so cute, isn’t it?

1. Musical logos

2. How to work with fonts?

5 months ago
Nice cat))) +1